European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention –ENSP

The ENSP  is an international non-profit making organization, created in 1997 under Belgium law (Identification Number 16377/97)

ENSP’s mission is to develop a strategy for coordinated action among organizations active in tobacco control in Europe  by sharing information and experience and through coordinated activities and joint projects. ENSP aims to create greater coherence among smoking prevention activities and to promote comprehensive tobacco control policies at both national and European levels.

ENSP is governed by a General Assembly consisting of representatives from national coalitions against tobacco in Europe, representatives from specialized European tobacco control networks and representatives from individual organizations active in tobacco control and/or health promotion. ENSP is administered by a regularly elected Executive Board  which delegates the daily management and co-ordination of the network to a Secretariat  in Brussels.

Their vision for future is to eliminate the health inequalities among European citizens and their suffering caused by ill health and early death due to tobacco-related diseases. They want children and young people to be able to grow up without being targeted with messages that seek to lure them into a lifetime of addiction. They want all Europeans to be able to breathe clean air unpolluted by tobacco smoke. As they communicate more freely and cross country borders more frequently, they realize that our individual countries do not stand alone; they feel the reverberations of change throughout Europe. Therefore, they undertake to use the best evidence of effectiveness in policy and practice to work together towards our common goal.


The activities that ENSP conducts in order to attain its purpose are the following:

  • Τo focus in priority on co-ordination and consensus-building, education, prevention and cessation.
  • Τo facilitate the creation and development of national and international alliances for smoking prevention and tobacco control in Europe, as well as support for their actions.
  • Τo promote collaboration amongst member organizations and support their actions.
  • Το stimulate and participate in joint projects at national and international levels.
  • Τo undertake the collection, distribution and exchange of information relevant for tobacco control to the members of the network, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations, national governments all over Europe and the institutions of the European Union.
  • Τo sponsor, promote and organize education and training seminars, conferences, missions and exhibitions on matters relevant to smoking and tobacco prevention and cessation.


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